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Seafarers union receives endorsement from Barack Obama
Thursday 04 September 2008
ITF affiliate the SIU (Seafarers International Union) has received a ringing endorsement from the Democratic Party candidate in the US presidential elections, Barack Obama.
The backing came after the union came out in favour of Obama as presidential contender. SIU President Michael Sacco explained: The SIU is proud to endorse the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States. The union made the decision based on the candidates positions on matters that directly affect SIU members.
Responding to the SIUs decision, Barack Obama stated: It is an honour to have the endorsement of the SIU and its members. America needs a strong and vibrant US flag merchant marine. That is why you and your members can continue to count on me to support the Jones Act (which also includes the Passenger Vessel Services Act) and the continued exclusion of maritime services in international trade agreements. American merchant mariners have always answered the nations call from the first days of the Revolutionary War to today. In peace and in war, our mariners have stood with us and my administration will stand with them.
He continued: Those programs set a firm foundation for Americas merchant mariners by providing opportunities for decent wages, good benefits and fair treatment. Certainly, a strong union movement has been and will continue to be a major contributor to the achievement of this essential national goal. I am proud to stand with and for you and your members. I consider the SIU endorsement a significant statement about what we can do, working together, for change and progress that improves the quality of life for working families.
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